Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Beta Cambridge School accords ‘Student Wellbeing’ top priority. We recognize that a culture of student wellbeing can be created by having an environment in where in :

  • School values are explicit and visible in all aspects of school operations and practices.
  • The strengths and potential of students, teachers and parents is the focus for promoting and responding to wellbeing.
  • Restorative approach that focuses on accountability, healing and needs.
  • Asking for help is ‘normalized’ and encouraged.

Policies related to health, safe use of technology, safety, emergency and anti- bullying is strictly adhered to and all members of the school community are guided in securing a safe and conducive environment for children to grow and nurture. For instance, health education sessions are held from time to time and records are maintained to monitor student health.

We are also committed to ensuring that children are given proper training for fire drill and evacuation exit, dates and timings are fixed for such instructions. A risk assessment for field trips, emergency procedures for external threats, criminal background checks for all its employees and a critical incident management handbook are in place for proactive and prompt response from the school.