Academics for the Lifelong Learner

Academics for the Lifelong Learner

Beta Cambridge School believes in Inquiry-based academics that focus on disciplinary rigor along with critical interdisciplinary competencies by delivering personalized education across all subjects with an emphasis on Numeracy and Literacy.

Inquiry-based instruction expands the students’ and teachers’ role “beyond respectively receiving and conveying knowledge” and enables the students “to actively produce knowledge” ( Chichekian & Shore, 2014). The constructivist approach, that the BCS broadly adopts, suggests that students construct their own knowledge.

We go about this by using a meticulously devised set of skills identified as ‘Approaches to Learning’.

What are the approaches to learning (ATL)?

  • ATL are deliberate strategies, skills and attitudes that permeate the teaching and learning environment.
  • ATL supports the IB belief that a large influence on a student’s education is not only what you learn but also how you learn.
  • ATL are intrinsically linked with the IB learner profile attributes to enhance student learning and assist student preparation for life after high school.
IB Approaches to Learning skill categories



  Self Management



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