Transition from MYP-IGCSE-IBDP
Transition from MYP-IGCSE-IBDP

At BCS, MYP is offered in the Middle school where students get an opportunity to study a wide range of subjects, for instance, Language Acquisition, gives them scope to choose one language from an array of different Languages.

The wide range of subjects covered/ studied at MYP allows smooth transition from MYP to IGCSE if anyone so desires.
    • Most of the skills required for studying the IG curriculum are enforced in the MYP.
    • They develop problem solving and investigative attitude.
    • Students are able to study and understand more complex things which allows pupils to adapt to global ways of learning, making their transition smoother and faster.
    • Students take up Personal Project and Service as Action which gives them an added advantage over other curriculums later in their lives, when they pursue higher education.
BCS Also Recommends and Encourages Young Learners to Use The Option to Take Up IBDP After Completing IGCSE.(IGCSE Give a Wide Range of Options into Multifold Areas for Students to Explore and One of Them Could be IDBP by BCS)
    • IBDP curriculum expects students to take up 6 subjects along with the core subjects, namely Theory of Knowledge (ToK),CAS (Creativity, Activity & Service) and Extended Essay (EE) as compared to A Level whereas students study only 3-4 subjects at A level over a course of two years.
    • The CAS credits allows smooth and quick admissions into foreign Universities. EE and Internal Assessments helps students with their research work (thesis) at the University level unlike A Level.
    • IBDP offers both skill and content centred approach in comparison to the content centred approach offered at A Level. IB students are highly appreciated by Entrepreneurs and employers and get an added advantage over the others.
    • A level programme focuses on specific, separate subjects and extra-curricular activities whereas IBDP centres on a set of core competencies, skills and values which are important for the holistic development of every child.
    • The Curriculum as a whole provides increased prospects of settling internationally compared to A Level. It is consistently rated as the best post-16 qualification as it provides students with the skills they need to thrive in Higher Education.
    • IBDP also offers a genuine and complimenting mix of national and international viewpoints in education compared to other curriculums.

In short at BCS students get variety of options to branch out into different curricula after MYP and still return to IB stream if they so desire.

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